Pilot PingCon to launch on October 10

Hey guys,

We have finally decided to launch the Linux and OpenSource conference in Almaty. This conference is aimed to building a reliable community for Linux and OpenSource, which is a crucial part of how this kind of stuff is being developed.

We are trying to build a friendly community. Friendly like… friends. So we don’t tell you what to wear and we are welcomming you like we do with our friends: with a cup of fresh beer.

So what to expect?

  1. We will prepare a keynote (it won’t take long)
  2. We will make couple of presentations on a situation with OS in Kazakhstan and how we can earn money with free things
  3. For some who wish to learn something we will setup a tutorial section
  4. Discussions on all the things above
  5. beer
  6. fun

We will post the schedule containing exact topics to speak soon.

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