Installing Star Wars Jedi Knight 3 – Jedi Academy on OpenSuse

Hey guys!

I know this game is old but it’s awesome! Star wars universe is not freshly born anyway =)

So We will be installing Jedi Knight 3 – Jedi Academy on OpenSuse. Some time ago the source code for this epic game was released by Raven Software. However this source is only for the game engine. The content itself remains closed.

Prerequisites: You should have the copy of the game(probably for Windows). We will need Wine(and some beer wouldn’t hurt) to get the data installed. and we will use that data on a port from Github.

So there we go…

  1. open your terminal
  2. Let’s install dependencies (if you don’t have them)
    sudo zypper in ia32-libs libxxf86dga1:i386 git wine
  3. go to opt and download the game port
    cd /opt
    git clone git://
  4. Now let’s run it (it will create default dir)
  5. Now insert or mount your game CD and install it using Wine
  6. Now that you have the game installed, copy it to the working directory of the game:
    cp -R ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Star\ Wars\ -\ Jedi\ Academy/base ~/.jk3-ja
  7. We’re ready to play!

You may then create a menu launcher for the game. You can use the icon I quickly drew today(it’s based on Numix theme) Download