How I lost my homescreen in Android


As many people I had a rather stupid first experience with rooting my phone (LG p500 Optimus One). I rooted and accidentially deleted LGhomescreen.apk package from package list trying to remove all unnecessary default software to make some space on my phone.

well actually after deleting I did another stupid thing: I rebooted my phone. So I ended up booting into a useless black screen after a screen unlocking dialog. No recently used items were available >_<

I tried to use ABD again to push a package of launcher.apk to my phone(as was written in some forum post at, that didn’t work because you must turn on USB Debugging Mode for ABD to work. And of course I could not find a way to navigate to settings because I could not launch anything from a screen without any interface.

Hard reset didn’t work either.

I tried using LG Support tool to “”FORCE UPDATE”” Android system, but this software has no such feature as FORCE UPDATE. Even when I choose Software Rescue is kept saying that my OS is the latest version and doesn’t need updating.

I had tried for various things for about 2 days, using the phone for only incoming calls =))

The thing that saved me was that the homescreen was my only problem. When I pressed and held search button it popped up with voice search. I tried to say settings, but it only threw me on a web search. I realized that this might work and searched for go launcher .apk (important!!!) file. O downloaded and launched this .apk And I finally had a homecreen and could use my phone again.

Go Launcher is not the same thing as my phone originally had, but if I need it, I will probably ask that .apk from some other p500 owner and replace Go Launcher.