Create MD5 Files in Windows

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How to Create MD5 Files in Windows

This HOWTO will explain how to  Create and Test MD5 Files in windows

1.Download the md5.exe utility from

2.Place this utility in the C:\windows\system32 Folder

3. Now to Test Create any file in my case i will create hyp3ri0n.txt

4. Now lets Create an md5 file for hyp3ri0n.txt to make it tamper proof (Follow below steps)

a. C:\> copy con hyp3ri0n.txt <–Enter [This will create a test file hyp3ri0n.txt]

This is a test file to check md5 checksum


b. C:\> md5sum *.txt > hyp3ri0n.txt.md5 [This will create file with md5]

c. C:\> md5sum -c hyp3ri0n.txt.md5 [This command will confirm the validity of the file]

If we tamper the file and check with this utility it will show the following error

d. C:\> md5sum -c hyp3ri0n.txt.md5 [If the file is tampered]
hyp3ri0n.txt: FAILED
md5sum: WARNING: 1 of 1 computed checksum did NOT match

By this we can be sure regarding the validity of the file or program


Salman Aftab

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