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How to Install PhPMyAdmin on Centos 7 from source

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Dear Friends, First of all we will install required repositories. [root@itpings opt]# yum -y install epel-release [root@itpings opt]# rpm -Uvh Now we will install apache, mariadb, mariadb-server and php56 [root@itpings opt]# yum -y install httpd mariadb mariadb-server php56w php56w-mbstring php56w-mysql php56w-soap unzip vim wget Once installed we will download phpmyadmin from [root@itpings opt]# […]

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How to Add Physical Disk to Increase Size of /dev/mapper/centos-root

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Dear Friends, I ran into a problem where my openstack machine ran out of space. My Logical FS /dev/mapper/centos-root was only 50GB and most of the space was lost. Solution: LVM I Added a new 500GB HDD (sdb), created partition with parted (sdb1) and gave the below commands: [root@stack opt]# pvcreate /dev/sdb1 Physical volume “/dev/sdb1” […]

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Openstack dashboard gives error “Error: Unable to retrieve information”

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So today i ran into one more issue with Openstack , the error showed up  when i logged in to the dashboard and clicked on Project–>Instances. What i saw terrified me because is saw “NOTHING” ! A day before i had the same issue and i thought it’s related to RAM so i restarted and […]

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