So guys i was using Firefox 29.0 to access my Apache Server with personal SSL certificate. Everything

was working just perfect but then i upgraded my Firefox to 31.0 and fashhhaaam everything just went

bad, Firefox started rejecting the request for my personal SSL cert, I thought that the problem would

be solved if i just delete and reinstall the certificate but No, it was not the case. I took some time

and tried googling & searching some forums but all in vain.

But in few minutes i solved the issue by adding the CA certificate which i created along with my user

certificate to the Authorities part in Cert Manager section of Firefox


After adding the CA to Authorities and granting Trust by checking the boxes which says that this certificate can be trusted to access websites (etc see below) Firefox started working normally and started treating my SSL with respect again 😉


Thanks and Do Comment !!


Salman Aftab

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