The IF & ELIF Statement

Let’s Write Our First Program using if and elif statement.

Open Vi editior as

# vi

and Start Typing the below code:

# Pinger Program by Hyp3ri0n

age = 20

print “” Helo Pinger, What is Your Age “”

answer = int(input(“”Enter Your Age Please:””))

if   answer == age:

print “”You are a Young Pinger””

elif answer < age:

print “” You are a learning Pinger””

elif  answer > age:

print “”You are an Expert Pinger””


:wq  (Write and Quit Vi Editior)

Now run the program as following:

#python <—

In above program i have used if and elif statement to explain how they work

age is variable

answer is a variable and requires integer input

Input requires and input

Print will print the statement.

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Salman Aftab

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