How to recover graphics on OpenSuse 13.1 after failed Nvidia install

Recently I changed my box from Ubuntu to OpenSuse. Once I added a Nvidia GTX218 card I tried to install drivers, but the installation has failed leaving me with totally black screen on boot.

The reason for this was that it disabled Nouveau driver and then failed with the installation. So we need to get Nouveau back to work to see graphics again. Here is what we need to do:

  1. Reboot
  2. Wait for grub prompt and press ‘E‘ key It will show us the config file for boot options
  3. You need to find the line that starts with:
    linux /boot/vmlinuz...
  4. At the end of that line add:
  5. Then press the ‘F10‘ key and wait for it to ask your recovery password
  6. type in your root password and hit ‘Enter’
  7. Type ‘yast‘ in command line
  8. Navigate to System -> Kernel -> Settings
  9. Select Add -> From List
  10. in Driver box type nouveau
  11. In PCI Device select your video card
  12. Ok, OK (and another OK if it shows you the error)
    Although it shows some error you should notice that screen resolution has changed
  13. Press ‘F10‘ to quit
  14. When you are back to the command prompt type in ‘init 6‘ (without quotes, of course)
  15. Done!

The opportunity og getting the graphics back will allow us to research what went wrong during driver install and maybe try another driver.