Why Convert SCCP to SIP ?

The reason i am writing this article is to draw a clear picture of simple method used to convert SCCP cisco protocol to SIP protoco so that we could use Cisco Phones with Opensource PBX such as Elastix/ Asterisk.

My Article is based on Simple steps and by following it properly you would be able to convert the protocol in no time. But first let me show you some important keys:

1. To Initiate Factory Settings for Cisco Phones:

Power up Cisco Phone and while the phone is powering up press # key for few sec untill a message appears saying something like “”Factory Sequence Initiated”” now within a minute time press 123456789*0# keys and then press 2

The above will reset the phone to Factory Settings.

2. To Erase Configuration:

Press Settings Button on the phone and the go to Network Settings from there scroll down untill you find “” Erase Configuration “” line. Now unlock the phone by press **# keys and then press “”Yes”” and then press “”Save””

3. To Unlock Cisco Configuration:

Press **# while on the line.

Now lets proceed with changing the SCCP protocol to SIP.

Things which you would require are:

1. TFTP Server ( I am using TFTPD32 you can google it to download or use the link below)

link http://www.jounin.net/download/Tftpd32-4.00-setup.exe

2. Computer with IP address of your choice but make sure you will use same subnet on the phone.

3. SIP Files which you can download from Cisco but if in case you don’t have one you can download files from this link

link http://www.4shared.com/archive/BU06l0Uj/7940SIPfirmware.html

Now Copy the Firmware you just downloaded from above link in TFTPD root directory first (IF you don’t know how to do it just google it or shoot me an email at darklord@itpings.com)

4. Cisco Console Cable connected with the switch

5. IP phone Connected with the above switch

Follow the below Steps:

1. Press Settings button on Cisco Phone and go to Network Settings then Go to the line where it says “” DHCP Server Enable “” unlock it and set it to “”NO”” press Save

2. Go to the Alternate TFTP line and change it to YES press Save

3. Now go to the line which says IP address and Give it an IP address from the same subnet as your computer

4. Change the subnet mask to if you are using Class C IP address.

5. Change TFTP Server to IP address of the computer where your TFTPD32 resides.

6. Save the changes and exit

7. Start TFTPD32 on Computer and restart Cisco Phone.

8. Phone will start flashing process and soon you would be able to confirm the firmware to be converted to SIP.

Please do comment if you wish to get more information. Check out www.cisco.com for more details and DuckGoGo for SCCP or SIP.


Salman Aftab

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