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This is a third part of Hosting Cisco Phone Files on TFTP Server, to make Cisco Phones work with SIP Server such as Asterisk / Elastix.

You can Download the third part from here:  CONVERTING CISCO 7940 PHONES TO WORK WITH ASTERISK- Elastix -Part III



Salman Aftab

Setting up Linux TFTP Server for Cisco Phone Files PART -I

Hey Guys this time its Linux and Cisco working hand to hand. This post is kind of a multipost and consist of :

1. TFTP Server Setup on CentOS 6.4

2. DHCP Server Setup on CentOS 6.4

3. Hosting Cisco Phones Firmware on TFTP Server

4. Converting SCCP to SIP to use Cisco VOIP Phones with Elastix.

At the End of this Tutorial we would be able to setup working Cisco VOIP Phones with Elastix / Asterisk.

You can Download Part -I from here Setting up Linux TFTP Server for Cisco Phone Files-I

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Salman Aftab

Covert SCCP Cisco Protocol to SIP “A VOIP Thing”

Why Convert SCCP to SIP ?

The reason i am writing this article is to draw a clear picture of simple method used to convert SCCP cisco protocol to SIP protoco so that we could use Cisco Phones with Opensource PBX such as Elastix/ Asterisk.

My Article is based on Simple steps and by following it properly you would be able to convert the protocol in no time. But first let me show you some important keys:

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