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Setting up Linux TFTP Server for Cisco Phone Files PART -I


Hey Guys this time its Linux and Cisco working hand to hand. This post is kind of a multipost and consist of :

1. TFTP Server Setup on CentOS 6.4

2. DHCP Server Setup on CentOS 6.4

3. Hosting Cisco Phones Firmware on TFTP Server

4. Converting SCCP to SIP to use Cisco VOIP Phones with Elastix.

At the End of this Tutorial we would be able to setup working Cisco VOIP Phones with Elastix / Asterisk.

You can Download Part -I from here Setting up Linux TFTP Server for Cisco Phone Files-I

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Salman Aftab

Python for Linux Admins – IV


Simple Python Script which will show linux logs (dmesg and lastlog) from selection.

#!/usr/bin/env python

import os

os.system (‘clear’)

print “Pylog Created by Hyp3ri0n”

print “Version 0.1”

print “Respect Linux…………….”

print “=” * 50

print ” ”

value = 1

value2 = 2

answer = int(input (“Enter the Value 1 or 2: “)

if answer == value:

os.system (‘tail -20 /var/log/dmesg’)

if anwer == value2:

os.system (‘lastlog -u 0 && lastlog -u 1001-10000’)




How To Setup IPSEC Site-To-Site VPN on Linux CentOS


Linux Gateway Server with 2 Lan Cards on Each office Location. Lets Call them A and B.
A is Head Office Linux Server and B is Branch Office Linux Server.
A has CentOS 6.4 , Extenal IP Address , Local Lan Subnet
B has CentOS 5.9, External IP Address, Local Lan Subnet
To Accomplish the task we will use OpenSwan.
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Installing Star Wars Jedi Knight 3 – Jedi Academy on OpenSuse


Hey guys!

I know this game is old but it’s awesome! Star wars universe is not freshly born anyway =)

So We will be installing Jedi Knight 3 – Jedi Academy on OpenSuse. Some time ago the source code for this epic game was released by Raven Software. However this source is only for the game engine. Continue reading