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SSL Error with FireFox 31.0

So guys i was using Firefox 29.0 to access my Apache Server with personal SSL certificate. Everything

was working just perfect but then i upgraded my Firefox to 31.0 and fashhhaaam everything just went

bad, Firefox started rejecting the request for my personal SSL cert, I thought that the problem would

be solved if i just delete and reinstall the certificate but No, it was not the case. I took some time

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Covert SCCP Cisco Protocol to SIP “A VOIP Thing”

Why Convert SCCP to SIP ?

The reason i am writing this article is to draw a clear picture of simple method used to convert SCCP cisco protocol to SIP protoco so that we could use Cisco Phones with Opensource PBX such as Elastix/ Asterisk.

My Article is based on Simple steps and by following it properly you would be able to convert the protocol in no time. But first let me show you some important keys:

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How To Setup IPSEC Site-To-Site VPN on Linux CentOS


Linux Gateway Server with 2 Lan Cards on Each office Location. Lets Call them A and B.
A is Head Office Linux Server and B is Branch Office Linux Server.
A has CentOS 6.4 , Extenal IP Address , Local Lan Subnet
B has CentOS 5.9, External IP Address, Local Lan Subnet
To Accomplish the task we will use OpenSwan.
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