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Linux Practical Security Course

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I am happy to announce that Linux Practical Security by LZH Project is complete. We will launch it shortly. Please support us by buying and rating this course. For first 20 buyers there will be a discount of $5. Total cost is $25. You can also book your copy by sending me email to Please take a look at the introductory video here:

CCNP Network Route -BGP Part -II

Helo again, i was really quick to make part -II for BGP and i deserve a pat on my back šŸ™‚ . Anyway Enjoy and i hope you guys will get some kind of help from my notes.

Download it from here CCNP Network Route -BGP Part -2

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This is a third part of Hosting Cisco Phone Files on TFTP Server, to make Cisco Phones work with SIP Server such as Asterisk / Elastix.

You can Download the third part from here: Ā CONVERTING CISCO 7940 PHONES TO WORK WITH ASTERISK- Elastix -Part III



Salman Aftab

Setting up Linux DHCP Server for Cisco Phone Files PART -II

This is the second part of three part series. In this part we will setup DHCP Server on our Linux box. This DHCP will provide automatic IP addresses to our Cisco Phones.(If it’s set to YES)

So Lets setup a simple DHCP Server on Linux.

You can Download the Pdf from hereĀ Setting up Linux TFTP Server for Cisco Phone Files -Part II


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Setting up Linux TFTP Server for Cisco Phone Files PART -I

Hey Guys this time its Linux and Cisco working hand to hand. This post is kind of a multipost and consist of :

1. TFTP Server Setup on CentOS 6.4

2. DHCP Server Setup on CentOS 6.4

3. Hosting Cisco Phones Firmware on TFTP Server

4. Converting SCCP to SIP to use Cisco VOIP Phones with Elastix.

At the End of this Tutorial we would be able to setup working Cisco VOIP Phones with Elastix / Asterisk.

You can Download Part -I from here Setting up Linux TFTP Server for Cisco Phone Files-I

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Dear Members,

I have tried hard to put together information for CCNP Route Portion. This is first part of OSPF series of slides.

Please Download it from here:Ā CCNP Network Route -OSPF Part -I

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