My favorite web-based tools for web design

Hey guys,

Today I want to share the tools that I use for different purposes in my web design. Some of them seem abandoned and a little outdated now, but they still serve the purpose. The thing is that it’s web 3.0 and interactive web pages has turned into full blown applications and now you don’t even need most of the software you couldn’t live without in past (remember Dreamweaver or Flash? =)))) Continue reading

Installing Star Wars Jedi Knight 3 – Jedi Academy on OpenSuse

Hey guys!

I know this game is old but it’s awesome! Star wars universe is not freshly born anyway =)

So We will be installing Jedi Knight 3 – Jedi Academy on OpenSuse. Some time ago the source code for this epic game was released by Raven Software. However this source is only for the game engine. Continue reading

How to recover graphics on OpenSuse 13.1 after failed Nvidia install

Recently I changed my box from Ubuntu to OpenSuse. Once I added a Nvidia GTX218 card I tried to install drivers, but the installation has failed leaving me with totally black screen on boot.

The reason for this was that it disabled Nouveau driver and then failed with the installation. So we need to get Nouveau back to work to see graphics again. Here is what we need to do: Continue reading

How I lost my homescreen in Android


As many people I had a rather stupid first experience with rooting my phone (LG p500 Optimus One). I rooted and accidentially deleted LGhomescreen.apk package from package list trying to remove all unnecessary default software to make some space on my phone.

well actually after deleting I did another stupid thing: I rebooted my phone. So I ended up booting into a useless black screen after a screen unlocking dialog. No recently used items were available >_< Continue reading

Thoughts on going opensource in music

There was the time of my almost total switch to Linux. Music software among others stood in a way, so I needed to switch to linux DAWs.

I installed Ubuntu Studio 11.04 (as it still was gnome 2.x) Then I had to spend 4 hours in order to make it NOT look like shit (themes desktop effects and stuff).

Continue reading