Bash script: Search for text in a web app

I started taking small steps into bash scripting with this little tool that help me find a lot of useful stuff in Vtiger, but it can be applyed to anything else with some little mods. This script finds files in Vtiger installation that contain the text requested. It is reporting on the file name and path and also highligsts the line than contains the text. So here is the script. Breakdown is below Continue reading

Missing panel in Ubuntu Mate?

So something went wrong and your panel does no longer appear even after the restart. Here is what you can do after you pulled all the hair.

  • Open your terminal window by clicking the desktop and choosing Open in Terminal
  • Type
    mate-panel --reset

    and press Enter

That should do it, But what if it doesn’t?

  • Open terminal again and type

    and press Enter

  • Go to Look And Feel tab on the left and chose Tweak on the right
  • Find where panel settings reside and chose any look of panel that you like and tweak some settings

It has not solved too much for me because the bottom panels were not showing no matter what, but at least I could work and search for the further fixes.

How to install Brutal Doom

Guys I played Brutal Doom again this weekend and I’d like to share this awesome experience with you!

Brootal Doom is a mod for Doom source ports (like gzdoom or zandronum) that raises the bar of crualty and insane fun in this game. It’s like double the doom =) Continue reading

Knowing your hardware

Hi, Pingers!

Here are some useful linux commands to check out some of your computer model specs:

dmidecode -t baseboard | grep 'Product Name'
dmidecode -t processor | grep 'Socket Designation\|Version:'
dmidecode -t memory | grep 'Type\|Size' | grep -v 'Type Detail\|Error Correction Type'
 free -t -m
fdisk -l | grep 'Disk /dev/s'
hdparm -I /dev/sda | grep 'Model Number:\|Serial Number'

Trimming html tags with regular expression in Geany

Hey, Pingers!

Today I had some crazy amount of html generated by MS Word that I needed to post on our corporate website. The problem was that MS Word adds a dramatical ammount of shit to your page, when it comes to html. So pasted on a website this text was in multiple colors, multiple language tags and with different crap enclosed into attributes.

Editing this by hand was not a very nice option, because of the amount of the content and broken-MS-word-formatting.

So, take a look on my workaround… Continue reading

Pilot PingCon to launch on October 10

Hey guys,

We have finally decided to launch the Linux and OpenSource conference in Almaty. This conference is aimed to building a reliable community for Linux and OpenSource, which is a crucial part of how this kind of stuff is being developed.

We are trying to build a friendly community. Friendly like… friends. So we don’t tell you what to wear and we are welcomming you like we do with our friends: with a cup of fresh beer.

So what to expect?

Continue reading