Word Press Plugin Install Error

Hey Guys , so i installed WordPress on Centos 7 and it was successful, but then i faced an Error while installing the plugins. The Error was “Unable to locate WordPress Content directory (wp-content”

It asked to connect with FTP , but kept on failing.


Just Give apache permission to www directory and the content beneath it.

[root@itpings]# chown -R apache.apache -R www/ <--- Now Restart httpd [root@itpings opt]# systemctl restat httpd.service <-- Now Try to download the plugin and should work. Thanks, Salman Francis.

How to install Brutal Doom

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Guys I played Brutal Doom again this weekend and I’d like to share this awesome experience with you!

Brootal Doom is a mod for Doom source ports (like gzdoom or zandronum) that raises the bar of crualty and insane fun in this game. It’s like double the doom =) Continue reading

How to mount .bin and .cue in Linux

This Howto is to show that how we can mount “.bin” and “.cue” files on Linux without burning them on CD.
First we need fuseiso
On Suse Linux use yast to download fuseiso
Once downloaded use the following commands as a non root user:

Create Directory:
Create a directory in home directory of user , i called it mountbin
salman@GENX:~>mkdir mountbin <–
Now use the following command to mount “file.bin” file on mountbin directory

fuseiso -p <path to file.bin>  /home/mountbin

You will see the directory mountbin mounted on nautilus

When you need to unmount use:

fusermount -u <path to mount>




Knowing your hardware


Hi, Pingers!

Here are some useful linux commands to check out some of your computer model specs:

dmidecode -t baseboard | grep 'Product Name'
dmidecode -t processor | grep 'Socket Designation\|Version:'
dmidecode -t memory | grep 'Type\|Size' | grep -v 'Type Detail\|Error Correction Type'
 free -t -m
fdisk -l | grep 'Disk /dev/s'
hdparm -I /dev/sda | grep 'Model Number:\|Serial Number'

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!

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