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Pilot PingCon to launch on October 10


Hey guys,

We have finally decided to launch the Linux and OpenSource conference in Almaty. This conference is aimed to building a reliable community for Linux and OpenSource, which is a crucial part of how this kind of stuff is being developed.

We are trying to build a friendly community. Friendly like… friends. So we don’t tell you what to wear and we are welcomming you like we do with our friends: with a cup of fresh beer.

So what to expect?


SSL Error with FireFox 31.0


So guys i was using Firefox 29.0 to access my Apache Server with personal SSL certificate. Everything

was working just perfect but then i upgraded my Firefox to 31.0 and fashhhaaam everything just went

bad, Firefox started rejecting the request for my personal SSL cert, I thought that the problem would

be solved if i just delete and reinstall the certificate but No, it was not the case. I took some time


TinyMCE how to remove empty space and paragraphs

tinymce, add text

Hi guys,

Often we are facing issue, when we are trying to populate text editor with a lot of text, which contain paragraphs and line breaks. And when we are trying to save text in database, for some reason text getting cut till specific word.


Solving alien’s “File exists unable to mkdir” problem

Screenshot from 2014-08-11 11:41:08

So I think I’m not the only one who faced this error. It is not explained in any way,  so if you read this “File exists
unable to mkdir” you don’t really know where you should look. And now you do, thanks to me =))


Python for Linux Admins – Part V


In fifth part of our Python blog entry i will write my own script.

This script will provide us with the port information of any Linux service.

Also you will see a touch of socket programming in python. Enjoy !

I have named this script as porter.


Python for Linux Admins – IV


Simple Python Script which will show linux logs (dmesg and lastlog) from selection.

#!/usr/bin/env python

import os

os.system (‘clear’)

print “Pylog Created by Hyp3ri0n”

print “Version 0.1″

print “Respect Linux…………….”

print “=” * 50

print ” ”

value = 1

value2 = 2

answer = int(input (“Enter the Value 1 or 2: “)

if answer == value:

os.system (‘tail -20 /var/log/dmesg’)

if anwer == value2:

os.system (‘lastlog -u 0 && lastlog -u 1001-10000′)


Python for Linux Admins – III


The IF & ELIF Statement

Let’s Write Our First Program using if and elif statement.

Open Vi editior as

# vi pyif.py

and Start Typing the below code:


Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Python for Linux Admins -II


In this part we will continue our journey with Python.

Note that every thing in Python is an Object and it has a unique id and it has a type e.g

>>> x = 2

>>> id(x)





Hey guys i am back with the Route part of CCNP. This is the first part and i hope it will be a good collection for all the Cisco lovers. This part covers EIGRP Basics.

You can download it from here CCNP Network Route Part-I

Please comment, keep us alive.



PingCon, Oct 10, 2014



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